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Solo Exhibition:

2006 Gallery Oda, Istanbul

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2020 Girne Freeisland Lions Club Association

2019 "Our Wonderful World, 1st Olympi Art, New Delhi, India

2019 The First IWS International Watercolor Exhibition in The Palace of Parliament, Bucharest-Romania

2019 The 1st International Watercolor Exhibition and Festival of IWS Finland

2019 II International Triennial Watercolor & Spirit, Varna-Bulgaria

2019 Fabriano in Acquarello, Italy

2019 "Step by Step", International Watercolor Competition Exhibition, Poland

2019 Gallery İdil, Istanbul

2018 "Ekinox II", Gallery İdil, Istanbul

2018 "World Art Day", Nişart Gallery, Istanbul

2018 Terakki Foundation Art Gallery, Istanbul

2017 Nişart Gallery, ARTANKARA, 3rd Contemporary Art Fair, Ankara

2017 Ortaköy Art Gallery, Istanbul

2017 Gallery İdil, Istanbul

2016 Niş Art Gallery Maçka, İstanbul

2016 Gallery Idil, Istanbul

2013 Gallery Oda, Istanbul

1998 Saim Onan Atelier, Akbank Art Gallery, Istanbul

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